Buy Local

What is Buy Local First?

Buy Local First is a community-wide partnership to raise awareness of how business and consumer spending decisions affect our local economy. We want businesses, organizations, government agencies and individuals to think twice before purchasing goods and services out of town or on the internet. We are asking everyone to first give local businesses an opportunity to earn your business before looking outside our area.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

When you spend money elsewhere, the money goes into the hands of other communities. This takes money away from the local businesses and local economy. By spending money within our community, it recirculates throughout our area in the form of wages, supplies and services.

What Is The Definition Of A Local Business?

Our definition of a local business is any business that is operating in the greater Derry and Londonderry area. This includes both locally and non-locally owned businesses.

How Can I Make A Difference?

You can make a huge difference by spending locally. You can also help by encouraging others to buy locally. Businesses, cities and schools would be stronger, new jobs would be created and out tax burden would be less. A little more spending locally by each of us has a huge effect on all of us when added together.


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