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Derry & Londonderry sit at the apex of New Hampshire's Enterprise Corridor.

Derry and Londonderry are located in Rockingham County in southern New Hampshire. Chartered in the early 1700's, residents, elected and appointed officials and town staff have worked hard to maintain town's enviable quality of life by supporting an excellent school system, preserving thousands of acres of open space and encouraging land use practices to promote a healthy suburban lifestyle.


A convenient location to a wide variety of activities, stunning nature and all the amenities.

Derry & Londonderry are situated an hour from Boston, an hour from the seacoast, and an hour from the base of the great White Mountains of New Hampshire. Close enough to culture and great shopping, while a small drive to some of the best hiking and lakes regions in the country.


Derry & Londonderry are wonderful places to call home.

Derry & Londonderry boasts a diverse employment base consisting of manufacturing, knowledge-based and other technology sectors, aeronautical and related services, as well as a strong retail presence. Our school systems provide a top-notch educated workforce. We have an overall tax structure with no broad-based personal income tax, no general sales tax and the second lowest State and local tax burden in the nation.

State & Regional Profile

Entered Union: Ninth, on June 21, 1788
Capital: Concord
Square Miles: White-Tailed Deer
Highest Peak: Mt. Washington, 6,288’
Motto: Live Free or Die
Songs: Old New Hampshire
Nickname: Granite State

State Symbols

Flower Purple Lilac Freshwater Fish: Brook Trout
Tree: White Birch Amphibian: Spotted Newt
Animal White-Tailed Deer Butterfly Karner Blue
Insect: Ladybug Bird: Purple Finch
Saltwater Fish: Striped Bass

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